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So, Couples Photos. What in the world do we mean? What we mean is: YOUR STORY HAS VALUE!! You don’t have to be involved in getting engaged or planning a wedding to celebrate your love story. Your relationship is special all the time, not just on those bigger moments. In fact, these smaller stops on this journey are what takes you to the bigger moments. We want to celebrate the everyday with you because that’s what builds your foundation. One great couple photo shoot idea is an Anniversary Photo Session. Taking the time to reflect on your wedding day and reconfirm your love is so important. What could be more romantic than taking the time to reconnect with each other? We’re looking forward to helping you tell the continuing story of your love. Whether we’re writing chapter one together or we’re starting a new novel, we’re here to guide you and create some fabulous memories. Learn more about what types of Couples Photo Shoots we offer below.

Couples Photos

Newlywed Photography

The Couples Photos we love to take are Newlywed Pictures. Newlywed Photography is an emotional experience and the perfect add on to your Wedding Day Photography experience. It is like the Cross Fit Training of Couples Photos. That’s because it’s completely focused on celebrating your love. This session happens a few days after your Wedding when the two of you can steal away alone with just your photographer. You’ll be able to capture that raw emotion without the interruption of wedding day busyness. We’ll plan this while you still have your tux and dress to really capture the feelings. Many of our couples value their experience from a Newlywed Photo Shoot. 

Couples Photos

Anniversary Photos

Anniversary Pictures are the most popular type of couples photos after Engagement Pictures. Imagine meeting with your photographer on the anniversary of your biggest day to relive the magic. Celebrate the year (or years) that seem to have flown by since you said “I Do”. Not only will you be recreating the joy from your wedding day, you’ll also be spending a few hours with the person who captured it all alongside you. There’s nothing more rewarding for us then to see your story continue. As a bonus we offer our returning wedding clients a special fee for anniversary photos. Reach out today to celebrate your love.

Couples Photos

Seasonal Mini Sessions

Take your Couples Photos to the next level with a Yearly Subscription! You’re probably wondering what in the world we mean by this. Lucky you, I’m going to tell you about a really unique service we offer to our clients. A Seasonal Mini Session Package allows our clients to meet with us 4 times througout the year to capture photos during each season. Living in Erie, Pa, we experience Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to their fullest. Your photo collection should reflect your relationship as you grow together through the year. These are 30 minute mini (or quick) sessions with your photographer at a location in Erie County, Pa. 

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Erie Photography is a team of talented local wedding photographers in Erie, Pa. We proudly offer photography for every moment of your life. In addition, we offer a combination of photography styles to suit your needs. Further more, we happily edit in a number of popular styles to complete your success story! We're doing more than capturing your memories. We are building relationships and trust. 

Couples Photos

We love showing you what we do. Go ahead and take a peak into some of the other Couples Photos we’ve captured recently. You can find even more samples of our work by following the button below. When you’re done taking a look reach out to schedule your session today. We are excited to start planning your Couples Photo Session!

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Erie Photography is excited to share our knowledge with you. We want our clients to understand exactly what goes into your Portrait Session. Also, we want you to be prepared for what to expect. Finally, we want to share the results of the hard work we all put into making an amazing gallery for you. That being said, we’d like to invite you to visit our blog section. There you’ll find helpful tips on how to get ready for your shoot. In addition, you’ll find articles explaining different types of photography. Most importantly, you’ll be able to view our featured sessions and share the experience of Erie Photography Clients.

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